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by Bellarionna
30 Jun 2009, 12:28
Forum: Open Discussion
Topic: Ante Meridiem's Official Logs
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Ante Meridiem's Official Logs

Here is the link for Ante Meridiem's Logs! The entire guild uses just one site for all our logging! Warcraft Logs Logs are usually run live, however, sometimes they may be uploaded after a raid or the next day. Feel free to take a look ...
by Bellarionna
17 Jun 2009, 10:06
Forum: Welcome
Topic: User Purges
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User Purges

In an attempt to keep our site streamline we are performing a "User Purge" today 5/17/09 Any user accounts that have NOT been active (ie: have not logged on) since 11/15/08 (roughly the release of WoTLK) will be deleted. No worries... If you come back from an extended absence from our site...
by Bellarionna
27 Oct 2008, 07:39
Forum: Welcome
Topic: AM Raid Team: Progression History
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AM Raid Team: Progression History

AM Raid Team AM Raid Team formed about 6 months prior to the end of Vanilla WoW. The Guild Master was unable to raid during "prime raiding hours" due to working a second shift position. The guild started off as a group of friends running early morning 5-man dungeons that slowly ramped up ...

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