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Raiistliin New applicant 6-21-19

Posted: 21 Jun 2019, 03:01
by Raistlin
Character - Main
This section is for the character you would be bringing into the guild as your main character.
Character Name: Raiistliin
Special Character Codes: n/a
What is your gear level: 391 ilvl
What is your artifact level: 42
Class: Warlock
Primary Spec: Affliction
Secondary Spec: Destruction
Current Server: Stormrage
Armory Link:
Battle Tag ID: FreeRadical #11632

* Please make sure the armory shows your character in your main spec gear!

Raid Schedule

All times are Eastern / Server

Midnight Raid Team
Tuesday/Thursday = 1130pm to 230am

Invites go out 5 minutes prior to raid start. We don't pull after 230am, though our last attempt may go a few minutes over if we are close to defeating the boss. Raid might end early if we are having difficulty on progressing that specific night.

Are you able to commit to the team's raid times with at least 90% attendance? (Yes)

Is there anything that would cause you to drop out of raiding or be permanently unavailable at our times in the next three months? (No)

Looking at your raiding schedule over the next three months, are there any dates that you foresee not being available (work trips, vacation, etc.)? (No)

The Player

What is your first name? Brandon
How old are you? 23
Where do you live? Texas

Here is your chance to brag and list all of your raiding experience as far back as you can. Please only include content that you experienced when it was considered "current".
Burning Crusade: Black Temple, Sunwell Plateau
Wrath of the Litch King: Ulduar, TotC, ICC,
Cataclysm: BoT, Throne, BwD, Firelands, Dragon Soul
Warlords of Draenor: Highmaul, Black rock foundry, Hellfire Citadel
Legion: The Nighthold, ToS
Battle for Azeroth: Uldir
Guild History

What guild are you in now and why do you want to leave that guild? (I don't have guild right now)

What is your motivation/reason for wanting to join Ante Meridiem? i want to progress

Have you ever raided with Ante Meridiem in the past, on this or any other toon? Yes, ive raided with Gal before in another guild.

The Character

How long have you been playing the class / spec that you are applying on? I have been playing Warlock Affliction since Wrath of the Litch King

Are you able to competitively play your off-spec, especially if it's a different role? If so, that will dramatically increase your chances of getting a spot. (yes)

New Team Members

Although the size of Midnight raiding is flexible, we may sometimes have to ask a raider to sit because we can’t afford to have an additional tank/healer/dps in on the pull. Do you understand and accept this? (Yes i understand.)

If you do not perform adequately on a fight, you will also be asked to sit so that the team isn’t required to carry you. Do you understand and accept this? (Yes i understand)


We require our members to be able to speak on Discord when it will help with communication and downing bosses. Do you have a working microphone that you are willing to use during raid to make a call-out, if I ask you do to so? (Yes i have microphone and i can do calls if need be)

We require that you view the forums regularly but at least daily prior to raids in order to keep up with strategies, suggest ideas, answer questions, and provide feedback. Are you willing to do this? (Yes i will)

Re: Raiistliin New applicant 6-21-19

Posted: 22 Jun 2019, 23:04
by Galastar
thank you. I will whisper you