Kingathens - Rogue 379 ilvl 3/8M

Evening Raiding!

Tuesday 7-10pm
Wednesday 7-10pm
Thursday 7-10pm
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Kingathens - Rogue 379 ilvl 3/8M

Post#1 » 05 Dec 2018, 15:45

Character Name: athensgokú
Special Character Codes: alt 0250
What is your gear level: 379
Primary Spec: ass
Secondary Spec: outlaw
Current Server: stormrage
Armory Link:ú Link: ... fficulty=4
Battle Tag ID: kingathens#1797

* Please make sure the armory shows your character in your main spec gear!

Raid Schedule

All times are Eastern / Server

AM Raid Team (Mornings)
Thursday/Friday/Monday = 9:00am - 1:00pm

PM Raid Team (Evenings)
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday = 7:00pm - 10:00pm ( some raid extension to 11 on progression )

Heroic Raid Team
Wednesday/Thursday = 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Invites go out 15 minutes prior to raid start and our last pull may run over if a kill is close.

Which raid team are you interested in? PM, maybe can do am if cant do pm

Are you able to commit to the team's raid times with nearly 100% attendance? yes

Do you foresee any issues in the near future that would prevent you from making raid? no

The Player

What is your first name? athens
How old are you? 28
Where do you live? us/fl

Here is your chance to brag and list all of your raiding experience as far back as you can. Please only include content that you experienced when it was considered "current".

Guild History

What guild are you in now and why do you want to leave that guild? just xfered was in voltrafy on dalaran

What is your motivation/reason for wanting to join Ante Meridiem? stable fun guild.

How did you hear about us? wowprogress

Have you ever raided with Ante Meridiem in the past, on this or any other toon? no

The Character

How long have you been playing the class / spec that you are applying on? vanilla/bc

Are you able to competitively play your off-spec? yes

Do you maintain alternative raid ready characters that could be used for raid composition needs? If so, what class(es)/spec(s)? I have 120 pally and mage but im leveling a warrior that I want to be my main alt.

What resources do you use to improve your performance in raid? simulationcraft/details/dbm

Last, but not least!

Why should we take you over a similarly skilled/geared applicant? reliable consistent raider. while I am confident I do not mind and encourage ctiticism/feedback.

Tell us who you are. Give us some insight into the person playing the character. Show us why we would want you here. Ante Meridiem has been around a long time and pride ourselves in our reputation. We expect applicants and members alike to keep that intact. I want a stable guild and don't want to hop around. I just xfered here and I don't like being guildless but I also don't want to join just anyones guild. You guys seem like you are my type and raid times are favorable. You have a big guild and that sounds like fun.

Raid Leader - PM
Raid Leader - PM
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Re: 120 Rogue 379 ilvl 3/8M

Post#2 » 05 Dec 2018, 17:34

Hey there, i have added you on battle net. Let me know when is good for you to chat with me in discord about your application (from tomorrow onwards ideally)
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