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PM : Draelin : Paladin (Holy)

Post#1 » 27 Dec 2018, 23:13

Character Name: Draelin
Pronunciation: dray-lin
Special Character Codes: n/a
What is your gear level: 378
Primary Spec: Holy
Secondary Spec: prot/ret
Current Server: Hellscream
Armory Link: ... am/Draelin Link: ... fficulty=4
Battle Tag ID: draeq#1887

Which raid team are you interested in?

Are you able to commit to the team's raid times with nearly 100% attendance?

Do you foresee any issues in the near future that would prevent you from making raid?

The Player

What is your first name? Jon
How old are you? 26
Where do you live? New York

Here is your chance to brag and list all of your raiding experience as far back as you can. Please only include content that you experienced when it was considered "current".

Guild History

What guild are you in now and why do you want to leave that guild?
Final Solace on Zangarmarsh/Hellscream. Final Solace is at its core a Heroic guild that tries with little success to be a mythic guild. I joined this guild with a few friends at the start of Legion. While I've greatly enjoyed my time here almost the entire raid team, while still showing up every week, has little to no motivation to improve or go anywhere. With all of that at an all time low I am in need of a change to be around more like-minded players who want to continuously improve and push their limits like myself.

What is your motivation/reason for wanting to join Ante Meridiem?
To be frank you guys are the first guild with a schedule that fits mine that seems like the kind of environment I am looking for.

How did you hear about us?
HPal discord

Have you ever raided with Ante Meridiem in the past, on this or any other toon?

The Character

How long have you been playing the class / spec that you are applying on?
Been playing HPal since mid NH-current. Prior to that started raiding in Wrath on HPal, BDK in Cata, left game for MoP and WoD, raided EN on druid.

Are you able to competitively play your off-spec?
The short answer is yes. The long answer is I know how to play both specs in their current state, but have not done content at all as ret since Legion and only some very early M+ as prot.

Do you maintain alternative raid ready characters that could be used for raid composition needs? If so, what class(es)/spec(s)?
-Aff Warlock - 369
-Sub/Sin Rogue - 350
-Can prepare Disc/HPriest as offhealer in time for BFD if necessary

What resources do you use to improve your performance in raid?
-HPal discord community for spec specific and generic heal strats for current raids
-spreadsheets for gearing
-WCL and for cast behavior and efficiency analysis

Last, but not least!

Why should we take you over a similarly skilled/geared applicant?

While I do not have the resume of a truly mythic experienced player as I flat-out have not much of any this tier or even far in Legion, I am worth the investment. I do my homework day in and day out pouring over logs and lurking in discords for ways to improve. My logs, while heroic and should be taken with a grain of salt, still speak for themselves if you know what you're looking for. I hope that me not having mythic logs of fights with any real damage wont be held against me. I'm a player dying each day to be challenged more and to find more ways to improve.

And all in all I'm a pretty chill dude who just wants to do some harder stuff and have fun doing it.

Raid Leader - PM
Raid Leader - PM
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Re: PM : Draelin : Paladin (Holy)

Post#2 » 30 Dec 2018, 11:50

Hey :)

Thank you for your application. I do appreciate you reaching out to us. At this point, i have one applicant H Pally and another i am interested in, i really do not think i can cater to a third.

However, things change constantly as you will be aware so do keep an eye open on my recruitment threads or reach out every now and again for a spot to open.
Numerical - 110 Resto Druid.
Vionnet - 110 Resto Shaman
Guccii - 110 Holy/Disc Priest
Cavanagh - 110 Holy/Prot Pally
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Versatchi - 110 Hunter
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Neave - 110 Mage
Prisha 110 Monk

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