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While walking down his broken staircase for the first time on Mythic, the discussion on Ventrilo was that most guilds take between 150 and 300 attempts to get a kill on Mythic Gorefiend. I brushed off the numbers being shouted around and challenged the team to get the kill in 100 pulls to prove that we are better than 'most other' guilds. With that challenge in mind, on attempt 97 Mythic Gorefiend fell pushing Weekend Raid Team to top spot in the internal guild progression once again and pushing Ante Meridiem as a whole to Server 19th and back to the front page of Wowprogress where we rightfully belong! Great job Weekend Raid Team!

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www.twitch.tv/magnifeye/v/23438099 = Magnifeye's (Warlock POV) Video (Silent)