Another reason this is such a great guild!

Another year has blazed by on our Ventrilo subscription and as in years past I reach out to the Ante Meridiem community for support and ask for donations to offset the cost. This year, I was simply astonished by the speed and amount of the donations. We achieved the goal of $162 in less than 24 hours. I want to personally thank each and every person who donated! If you look through the list, we have donations from individuals on each of the four raid teams within the guild which is simply awesome!

Wildginger (PM), Chariss (WE), Skeletor (AM), Dillweed (WE), Robertomagma (Non-raiding Member), Pretolkos (Heroic), Ebolavirus a.k.a. Rebukes (Heroic), Tiziana (AM), Houtoku (WE), Jazla (AM), Sublime (PM), Deathpal (Non-raiding Member).

Thank you!